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Militant Responsibility

"Every woman has a militant responsibility to involve herself actively with her own health.  We owe ourselves the protection of all the information we can acquire about the treatment of cancer and its causes, as well as about the recent findings concerning immunology, nutrition, environment, and stress.  And we owe ourselves this information before we may have a reason to use it."  Audre Lorde The Cancer Journals, 1980



"Moving beyond breast cancer awareness, moving beyond disease awareness, we need to be politically aware and take action as it relates to health policy and legislation.  You never see that in any type of awareness messaging, no insight to policy.  This type of political awareness and action includes but goes much further than the affordable care act."

Dr. Annette Madlock Gatison, excerpt from A Sisters Journey to Better Health - The Trifecta of Strength, 2019

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The Work


Dr. Annette MG sees her role as a conduit to help others achieve better health mentally, physically, and spiritually by providing information and tangible tools for self and community health advocacy.

The Mission


The Pink and The Black Project's mission is to encourage self-care, community wellness, and increase public policy awareness among Black women and underrepresented women through education while advocating for social justice.

The Journey


Join me on my journey as I continue to share my experience as a breast cancer survivor and women's health advocate. I believe that when the women are healthy the community is healthy. Good health is for everyone - women, children, and men. 


Annette Madlock Gatison, Ph.D. is an independent scholar, researcher and health advocate. As an award-winning academic her advocacy, research, and scholarship have been in the areas of women and community health equity, information and communication technologies, and social movements.


She likes to say that “We are moving beyond awareness to action as we are more than aware of the various inequalities that impact the health of Black women, the black community, and communities of color nationally and globally.”

If you want to know more about Dr. Madlock and her work please take a look at her C.V.

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